Friday, July 11, 2014

The Summer Style Report: White Out

I have lately been digging the palest shades on the colour-less spectrum: whites, off-whites, and everything in between. It does match my Snow White skin, after all - HA!

But let's be real, sometimes it can be hard for an ultra pale gal like me to wear whites without blinding people, but I say if you're liking the pale shades of white this summer, go for them! We all have to face the sun sooner or later.

When I think of the "colour" (colour/shade debate - you decide) white, I think of things like daisies, marshmallows, and light sandy beaches. If that doesn't scream S-U-M-M-E-R to you, I don't know what does.

[Side note: Yes, I am aware that I have left out the obvious: snow, snowmen, wild yetis. Realistically, who wants to blend in with the snow? I stick to my darks in the winter for a reason. I'll stop with the pale jokes now. Did you hear? Pale is the new tan. It even said on a t-shirt.]

These five picks are great to pair with a splash of colour or simple neutrals like black, but I would bring out the light greys and earthy tones. Save your black wardrobe for the dreary months of slush invasions and ice traps.

1. The Blazer (Dynamite): Perfect to top off that summer dress or to keep those arms a tad warmer during a summer evening bash.

2. The Patterned Top (Forever 21): If you're bored of the monochromatic look and thirst for something a little more unique, patterned tops always spice up any t-shirt and jeans look! Note: patterns like this may or may not mesmerize your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/cat.

3. The Romper/Jumper (Mendocino): Too lazy to put on more than one item of clothing? You can slip this baby right on and be straight out the door! (okay... don't forget shoes either... and maybe a bag for your wallet/keys/phone... I'm gettin' all "parent" on you, I apologize).

4. The Asymmetric Skirt (Dynamite): These skirts are all the rage this season, and I'm loving mine from Dynamite. You can dress it up or down, casual or smart. Just try not to stain it, that wouldn't be that great.

5.  The Bag (Forever 21): I was drawn to the faux snakeskin detail along the bag, which transforms this average shoulder purse into quite a sight for sore eyes. It's the detail in the fabric ladies and gents! This piece is so versatile, it can even be paired with a paper sack if you so please (?).

 Have you been loving white pieces this summer? Share in the comments below, I'd love your feedback!

All my lovin'

Alexandra //Fashion Lurk xx

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