Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Lippy Post: YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in #13 "Pink in Paris"

Have you ever been in love? In the world of things, I think I've only come close twice. My love for guacamole will soon be evident, but my second love has to be this beauty of a lipstick. Materialistic indulgences aside, I purchased this baby with a gift card I got for my birthday last year. Let me tell you, I couldn't be happier that I had used the $60.00 gift card for this one item; it is a godsend to my lips! You're probably thinking, "man, this chick's exaggerating", but you do have the option to try before you buy! Visit your local Sephora/YSL counter, slick it on, and be transported to the land of the unicorns. Okay, maybe that's a stretch...

First, let us discuss the packaging. This lipstick is the definition of luxe in a container. The gold exterior, along with the YSL engraving, mold this lipstick as more of an accessory than a makeup product.

Second, the consistency of the lipstick is smooth smooth smooth! It glides on to the lips, making sure not to get into any of those pesky crevices. In fact, the lipstick acts as a dual lip colour and moisturizer. I have never found a lip stick that applies so easily on the lips. I wouldn't compare it to a gloss because although is has a similar element of shine, it is not at all sticky or heavy on the lips. A little side luxury: the smell is absolutely amazing. The product smells like watermelon, but the scent is light, not overly-fruity.

As for the colour, it is quite different as photographed on the Sephora website. "Pink in
Paris" appears to be a more muted rose online, while pictured on both my lips and in the container the lipstick embodies a more vibrant pink. I still think the YSL luxury is absolutely perfect for everyday wear. Despite its vibrancy, the product does not scream "PARTY WITH ME", but rather, "I am the perfect candidate for a picnic in the park". Pair it with a nice rosy cheek and some natural eyes, and you're good to go!

All my lovin',

Alexandra // Fashion Lurk xx

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